Self Esteem And Negative Thinking – The Hypnotized Brain

Are you dogged by negative thinking and negative emotions throughout your day? Does negativity stop you from moving forward in your life? Everyone of us carry around negative beliefs and harmful emotions, usually based in past negative experiences. Would you like to break free and start to live life more on your terms today? If so, read on!


If you are a person who finds it hard to get through the day without experiencing negative s and emotions that cripple your ability to interact and make sound clear decisions then you know how harmful allowing these negatives to remain can be.

It is proable though that you are just an average person who is neither very positive nor very negative. You are most likely to be the type of person who feels neither good nor bad most of the time yet can get bogged down in negativity as the world and circumstances push against you.

The purpose of this article is to show you that you can eliminate these negative from your life and free your mind so that you can enjoy every moment and make decisions that are beneficial to your chosen life path without the hindrance of negative emotions and thoughts which usually guide you.

It is a great misconception amongst the majority of people that we have no control over our thoughts and emotions. They believe that negative thoughts and stressful emotions are a normal part of life. However, this could not be further from the truth.


Your brain is just like a computer. It needs software to run it and the software that it uses comes in the form of beliefs. Beliefs are just a collection of thoughts grouped together to form a picture of yourself and the world.

There are programs which are hot-wired in your brain designed to keep you safe like your fear of sudden bangs for example., however most of the programming that you have was amassed over your lifetime. There are