Introduction to Online Point Trick Card Games

What Are Point Trick Games?

Point trick games are a category of card games where each card has a specific point value. The objective is not merely to win tricks but to accumulate the highest point value from the cards won. These games can be further s into:


  • Positive Point Trick Games: Players aim to collect more points than their opponents.
  • Negative Point Trick Games: The goal is to avoid collecting points.
  • Balanced Point Trick Games: Players aim to collect a specific number of points.

Scoring and Special Combinations

In many point trick games, special card combinations can significantly boost a player’s score. For instance, in Klaverjassen, certain combinations can dramatically increase your points.

Main Families of Point Trick Games

Tarot Group

Games in the Tarot group use a special deck that includes permanent trump cards. A well-known game in this family is French Tarot.

Manille Group

In the Manille group, the card values are as follows:

  • Ten (France)/Nine (Spain): 5 points
  • Ace: 4 points
  • King: 3 points
  • Queen and Knight: 2 points
  • Jack: 1 point

Trappola Group

This ancient group of games, dating back around 500 years, uses a 36-card deck. The card values are the same in both the plain and trump suits:


  • Ace: 6 points
  • King: 5 points
  • Knight: 4 points
  • Jack: 3 points

Unfortunately, Trappola games are rarely played today and are slowly fading into obscurity.

Ace-Ten Group